DO I need Rescue?

mistaken orphans

Mistaken orphans or what we like to call “baby napped” babies are a very common intake during Spring and Summer months. Animals that are not truly orphaned taken into rehab are time consuming and use resources for other truly orphaned babies. Please click to consult the chart and make sure your baby does need help!

cottontail rabbits

Cottontail babies are the most common mistakenly orphaned animals we receive! If you have found a baby bunny in your yard please,  CLICK HERE to read about making sure the babies are orphaned and how to care for them until they can get to a member of our team!


A baby opossum alone needs rescue. Opossum babies or “joeys” ride on their mother’s back until they are old enough to be independent. If you find an opossum alone, please get it in a box and contact us!

Baby Squirrel

Storms, tree trimming and other activities can often dislodge a family of squirrels. Good news! Often times we can reunite with mom! CLICK HERE for a great squirrel rescue flow chart from our friends at the Wildlife Center of Virginia!

A warning about
neighborhood cats

Unfortunately we cannot save every animal from the possible prowling cat. If you know a neighbor who lets their cats roam, please talk to them and ask they keep their cats indoors if you have baby animals nearby!

Animals we do not currently admit

baby raccoons

Due to limited space and our location directly in the city of grand rapids, we do not currently admit baby raccoons

Locally for baby raccoons you may contact:

Soulshine Wildlife Center in Sparta, MI

Suzanne in Greenville. MI at 616-558-2549


baby deer – fawns

due to limited space and our location in the city of grand rapids, we do not currently rehabilitate fawns

Due to DNR Laws regarding the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease, a fawn in Kent Co must stay in Kent Co and can only be taken in if the center able to is within 10 miles of where the animal was found. If the fawn is found outside of Kent Co, it cannot enter Kent Co for rehabilitation.


Soulshine Wildlife Center in Sparta, MI

Angel Arms Deer Rehabilitation in Grant, MI 231-834-6297

baby skunks

it is currently illegal to rehab skunks in michigan

If you have found orphaned baby skunks, you may contact us via our Text Only Line for additional recommendations: 616-606-5805

Please Note: We cannot take them but can only give advice!

baby bats

it is currently illegal to rehab bats in michigan

Please consult the Bat World Sanctuary Website for local resources for bats:

Pest Species

While we at WRC believe every life matters, due to limited resources we are unable to take in non-protected wildlife species such as mice, moles or voles. We recommend these animals be put back where they were found or resources can be found online on taking care of them yourself.

Thank you for understanding

temporary care:

All orphaned baby animals need to be kept warm! If you are certain it has been orphaned, follow these steps:

  • Line a box with something soft like towels and put the babies gently inside.
  • Place the box on a heating pad on low. If you do not have a heating pad, you may use a plastic water bottle with warm water inside, or even a rice-filled sock microwaved (usually 30 seconds) and reheated periodically.
  • DO NOT FEED. Giving the wrong food and even giving it the wrong way can be more harmful than helpful.
  • Call WRC at (616) 361–6109 right away to schedule a drop-off.