Our rehabilitation team

What is a sub-permittee?

Sub-permittees are volunteers who are licensed under the Rehabilitation Permit of WRC to act as in-home fosters for some of the species of orphans that we admit. Sub-permittees are a legal way to provide necessary around-the-clock care for a number of orphans we could not provide for on-site.


Peg markle &
allyson swanson

Licensed Rehabilitators

Peg and Allyson oversee all the intakes and the ongoing care of the animals on-site. With over 40 years of experience between them, our patients are given quality care with the goal of release back in the wild. 


our bird team

Peg Markle

Executive Director & Licensed Rehabilitator Peg Markle is the founder and head rehabilitator at WRC. Baby songbirds are Peg’s specialty though she has done it all in her 30+ years of rehabilitation.

Rebecca & Lilith Vincent

Dr Rebecca Vincent, DVM is WRC’s acting on-site veterinarian but her involvement doesn’t stop there! Dr Vincent and her daughter Lilith have stepped up to help with orphaned birds!

Dawn Koning

Dawn has been in the rehabilitation world for many many years and operated her own center for many of them. In recent years we have combined forces and now work as one! Dawn helps us with baby birds but specializes in weasels and woodchucks.

Our Opossum Team

Allyson Swanson

Allyson is the Junior Rehabilitator at WRC and while she continues to grow as a rehabilitator, she has a particular interest in Opossums and when she is not on site doing exams and treatments, she helps with the youngest orphaned neonates.

Alesha Kolodziej

Alesha has been with WRC since 2018 and is a very attentive “Opossum Mom”.  With a background in human medicine, she is a major asset to not only the opossum team but to WRC as a whole.

Tasha logan

Tasha is not afraid to help any animal in need but opossums have still stolen her heart. Tasha aspires to become an IWRC Certified Rehabilitator within the next year to help more of WRC’s Animals.

our bunny team

Chris Carpenter

Chris has spent years specializing in cottontail rehabilitation. One of our founding members of the sub-permittee team, she rehabilitates hundreds of orphaned rabbits a year.


We are in the process of expanding our team at this time. More info coming soon!


We are in the process of expanding our team at this time. More info coming soon!


Our Squirrel Team

Stefanie Wellman

This is Stefanie’s second year rehabilitating squirrels with us and she specializes in neonates and hard medical cases. Stefanie also has a strong talent for sewing and supplies our orphans with soft bedding, pouches and hammocks.

Teresa Lyford

Though new to WRC, Teresa comes from having years of love and appreciation for all things squirrels. We are happy to have her join us and continue to develop that love into skills that can help return more babies to the wild.

Jen Castro

Jen is now in her third year of sub-permitting under WRC for rehabilitating orphaned mammals. Squirrels are her passion though she has also helped with Opossums in the past. Jen’s specialties are chipmunks and ground squirrels.

Sarah Webber

Sarah has a degree in Wildlife Biology  and comes to us from Florida, having worked for the US Fish & Game service there. She too has rehabilitation experience and was a natural fit to join us as a sub-permittee.


While Val is new to our team of Sub-permittees, she is not afraid to help where she is needed. This year she has taken on baby squirrels as well as baby birds.