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Licensed Michigan Wildlife Rehabilitators List

If someone not on this list is claiming to be a licensed rehabber, they are rehabbing wildlife illegally and cannot seek veterinary assistance for the animals in their care. PLEASE be wise about who you give any wildlife you find to!

Braveheart Raptor Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitates injured raptor species including owls, hawks, eagles, vultures, etc. Located in Twin Lakes, MI.

Lowell Farm and Wildlife Center

Rehabilitates small mammals, deer, and raccoon as well as abandoned farm animals. Does not take wild birds.

BluePearl Veterinary Specialists

If you have found an animal that is beyond saving, some local clinics (such as BluePearl) are willing to humanely euthanize the animal. In some circumstances this is the kindest decision to make and although it is the last option, if you find yourself in that situation, please call ahead and speak to the clinic staff.

WRC does not handle removal or nuisance complaints!

We are a wildlife “RESCUE” facility ONLY! If you want help with a wild animal that is not injured or orphaned we recommend the following:

R&R Wild Animal Control

James is a humane solution for pest removal, specializing in squirrels, raccoons, skunks, bats, moles, woodchucks, muskrats and more! Competitive pricing!
Call: 616-862-3557