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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - Margaret (Peg) A. Markle - peg@wildlife-rehab-center.org
PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD - Roger J. Markle - roger@wildlife-rehab-center.org
VICE PRESIDENT & TREASURER - Kurtis A. Carlson - kurtis@wildlife-rehab-center.org

Roger J. Markle, President | Christopher Helmick, Vice President
Kurtis A. Carlson, Vice President & Treasurer | Jennifer Childress, Secretary
Margaret A. Markle, Executive Director | Tim Savage, Director
Paul Collins, Director | Carol Collins, Director

Wildlife Rehab Center Ltd. is an independent, nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to offering the West Michigan area a reliable, high-quality resource for the rehabilitation of orphaned, abandoned, injured, or incapacitated wildlife. Licensed by both the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, we offer a very high level of practical experience, know-how, contacts, and confidence. Working with us is a professional and simple way to guarantee the swift and humane return of wounded animals and migratory birds to their natural habitat.

Kent County, Michigan is a safe and healthy habitat for wildlife, living in peaceful balance and harmony with people. A key component of this splendor is the valuable service provided by Wildlife Rehab Center Ltd. WRC provides responsive coordination for rescued wildlife’s emergency service needs, including: rehabilitation, release, and reintroduction. WRC anticipates the needs of people who rescue wildlife animals and birds and provides innovative services to solve their concerns. Wildlife Rehab Center Ltd. is a respected and vital resource for the stakeholders of this county and the greater Grand Rapids area. WRC maintains financial balance, provides high value to those who support our services, and delivers an even higher value to our wildlife animal friends and the people who rescue them. Our ultimate goal is to provide services that are reliable, professional and beneficial to Michigan’s beautiful wildlife animal community.

What We Are. . .
Wildlife Rehab Center, Ltd. is a team of professionals who support the wildlife emergency care and service needs of—and provide solutions for—Kent County’s residents and philanthropic community.

How Others See Us. . .
We are leaders who develop and implement effective techniques that enhance our animal friends’ life experience. People see us as responsive, timely in meeting their needs, and fostering superior working relationships.

Our Overall Purpose. . .
We are dedicated to providing premium-level wildlife assistance in the form of rehabilitation services for Kent County and West Michigan. We offer and deliver competitive services that meet targeted community needs and expectations while maintaining quality and performance. As the voice of our animal friends, we are the ambassadors for identifying and resolving problems that negatively impact their ability to live in a manner consistent with their species.

Measures of Success. . .
Our key measures of success will be 1) people’s satisfaction with our superior services—being highly responsive to the needs of rescued wildlife; being on time all the time; providing information that is of value; and helping our wildlife friends. 2) our development of new and desired services; potential contributors and investors see us as easy to work with, our talents are highly valued, and they feel our services are an important partner in Michigan’s ecological success. 3) bringing, and retaining, grants as new revenue streams into the company.

We Will Accomplish This with our Governing Goals of. . .

· Providing the highest quality products and services on a cost-effective and timely basis.

· Ensuring rescued wildlife animals are treated with compassion and dignity.

· Exceeding our community’s needs through a continuously expanding, yet targeted, menu of services.

· Creating a work environment that promotes teamwork while attracting and retaining a high performance volunteer and staff work force.

· Obtaining new grants and revenues while maximizing the retention of our most profitable donation revenue streams that already exist.

Proactive roles
Develop, initiate, and implement processes and services to help wildlife have a positive experience when dealing with us.

Customer Support Roles
Respond to people who have rescued a wildlife animal and meet the unique needs of clients, such as the Kent County Humane Society. Whenever possible, anticipate their needs first.

Organization Support Roles
Support customer service elements and those Board-directed strategies, policies, and programs that will improve stakeholder value and the wildlife animal experience.

Internal Development
Be outstanding with the highest level of competency—develop our skills and be a leader in the community such that others seek out our counsel and assistance. Be committed to continuous improvement in sustaining our standards of excellence.

Our Employees/Volunteers
¨ An environment that yields satisfied employees/volunteers committed to our team and its accomplishments; high morale; and a balance between challenge, growth, security, and personal satisfaction
¨ Participation
¨ Achievement of rigorous objectives
¨ Teamwork within the company and with customers
¨ Growth in each individual’s technical and personal skills

Our Customers
For our customers we will:
¨ Be responsive
¨ Be timely in meeting their needs
¨ Foster superior working and personal relationships

We will strive for them to see us as:
¨ Having significant positive impact
¨ A highly competent, professional, and hard-working team
¨ Valued professionals, listeners, and resourceful solution providers


The Corporation
The corporation will see us as:
¨ Visionary catalysts of strategic change
¨ Understanding the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation business
¨ Having high impact with doers and thinkers who add significant value and make measurable and innovative contributions to the achievement of overall corporate objectives

To our shareholders we will:
¨ Provide stable, consistent, competitive, and equitable wildlife procedures and programs
¨ Be cost effective in supporting the needs of the business
¨ Be innovative in producing new donors, sponsors, and grant providers

Government, Legislative, and Regulatory
With an overall reputation for integrity, we will be proactive in:
¨ Responsibly complying with regulations
¨ Serving as a partner in developing and interpreting regulatory guidelines in the company-wide environment
¨ Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace
¨ Remaining an environmentally responsible corporate citizen
¨ Nondiscriminatory practices and programs

We will be an excellent corporate citizen through:
¨ Leadership in our communities: supporting education, charities, and the development and maintenance of high community standards
¨ Active involvement: generously giving our time, treasures, and talents

We will seek partnership with our vendors to:
¨ Provide the best possible, cost-effective service to the company
¨ Establish long-term, dedicated, win-win relationships that are enjoyable and rewarding and add value to both parties
¨ Define clear, mutual objectives, direction, and expectations


Target Customers
Rescued ducks, geese, fox and other small mammals such as raccoons, skunks, opossums, squirrels, rabbits, and migratory birds—essentially all wildlife that someone saved from harm or danger (with the exception of large mammals and raptors).

Target Clients
Philanthropists, the Kent County Humane Society, and environmentally conscious corporations and citizens.

Products and Services
¨ Animal medical services
¨ Wildlife rehabilitation

Donors, volunteers, internal and external customers, and government communities.


Animal Rehabilitation
1. Handle wildlife emergencies that are brought to our facility.
2. Positively impact animal welfare, comfort, and satisfaction.
3. Innovative solutions to wildlife comfort requirements.
4. Implement and operate various medical and animal release initiatives.

Fundraising Operations and Client Operations
1. Prompt, courteous, and high-quality response to donors and client inquiries or requests.
2. Identification and proactive outbound communication of key information services to our supporters.
3. Identify donation opportunities and solutions during interaction with governmental agencies and the community.
4. Implement and operate various customer and client service initiatives, programs, and ideas.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Systems
1. Rapid, responsive, and accurate record keeping.
2. Identify opportunities and solutions within the wildlife habitat.
3. Harvest data, convert information, and manage the knowledge capital about the animals we serve.
4. Provide support and expertise regarding technical issues, including planning and directing.

Market Development and Grant-Writer Planning
1. Research and identify the demographics and geography of our grant fund opportunities.
2. Apply for grants based on opportunity, financial significance, and product or service fit.
3. Manage fundraising and promotional campaigns.
4. Manage the collection/tracking of customer survey indices, donation and fund-raising results, and other key measures.


Wildlife Rehab Center Ltd. is responsible for four major functions:

1) Animal rehabilitation operations and satisfaction with product and service quality.
2) Providing information that supports the analysis of wildlife demographics and the obtainment of key grants.
3) Public relations with key stakeholders in and around Kent County.
4) Customer relationship management of our key donors and supporters.

o Ability to process 1,500 animal units per year.
o Achieve a 75% or greater “release” rate, leaving 25% or less of animal units to morbidity, mortality, or euthanasia.
o Obtain enough funding through grants, donations, and bequests to cover 100% of our operating expenses.
o Meet or exceed the standards set forth by the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA) and the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC).


Wildlife Rehab Center Ltd. (WRC) is a registered nonprofit organization as defined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is further classified by section 509(a)(1) as a public charity foundation. Therefore, all of your charitable contributions and donations to WRC are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable under the law.

Wildlife Rehab Center Ltd. takes pride in our careful stewardship of your contributions. The amended section 6104(d) of the Internal Revenue Code entitles you to a copy of our annual information returns and financial reports. This information is available free upon request. If you would like financial information, please contact WRC at 1504 Union Ave. NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505.

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