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Meet Our Residents

Sadie 3Sadie Markle
“Official Greeter”

Sadie is our resident Golden Retriever. She lives at WRC and oversees all departments and operations. She loves all the “babies” and is never far away from her mom, executive director, Peg.




Bumper 1

Bumper Markle
“Education Team Member”

Bumper came to WRC as a “throw away” pet, having been abandoned outside. Bumber is a Red-Footed Tortoise, which is native to South America and requires a much warmer climate than here in Michigan. If left abandoned, Bumper would quickly have died. He now lives as part of the Markle Family and now helps teach children about tortoises and turtles.

Maybelline 1Maybelline Swanson
“Education Team Member”

Maybelline is a domestic rabbit that came to WRC after being found abandoned in a park. Very thin and dragging a broken back leg, we took her in and got her the medical attention she needed. Sadly, her leg had to be amputated. Shortly after her surgery, volunteer and licensed rehabber Allyson took her home and made her a part of her family. Maybelline is now a member of our “Education Team,” helping to teach others about the difference between domestic and wild rabbits.


Rita 1

“Volunteer Supervisor”

Rita was yet another “throw away” pet taken in by Wildlife Rehab Center. Since then, she has spent many years with us and has free range of the yard and barns. She can often be found in the barn overseeing the volunteers and “helping” them with their work.