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Wildlife Rehab Center

The Holidays are here at Wildlife Rehab Center!

Remember the animals this Holiday Season! Click here to make a contribution! We couldn’t do it without you!

Our “Busy Season” is winding down at WRC! This time of year, we are bulking up for winter and preparing for the injured adult wildlife that tend to be more common in the slower months! Our animals still need YOU!

Please don’t forget to keep up to date with our upcoming events by visiting our Fundraisers page! Your donations are what keep us running and allow us to continue to take in injured and orphaned wildlife, so if you are willing and able, every little bit helps!  No money but still want to help? We are always in need of volunteers!  Please fill out our application and email us at volunteer@wildlife-rehab-center.org.

Have you found an injured or orphaned wild animal? We can help!

Please start by on the link above to take you to our information page on what to do if you have found an animal in need!

Still not sure what to do?

You can still call our main number, or you can TEXT our new Hotline at 616-606-5805! (Text Only Please!) We are happy to provide quick animal identification and base instructions for care while you set up a drop off time with our rehabbers or sub-permittees!

Wildlife Helpline

How can YOU help?

• Visit our Donate page to make a monetary contribution (WRC is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations may be used as a tax deduction.)
• Visit our Fundraisers page for upcoming events where you can show your support
• Visit our Volunteer page for information on how to get your hands dirty and work with WRC

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