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Wildlife Rehab Center (WRC) has served the Grand Rapids community for 30+ years as a reliable resource for injured and orphaned wildlife. Since our founding, we have grown to rescue over 4000 animals a year, all on a 1-acre urban property at our founders Peg and Roger Markle’s residence. In 2022, Roger suffered a serious accident while working in the barn. Thankfully he is recovering but it became clear that it was time for the Markle’s to officially retire and WRC needed a new “home”. We are looking at a current move out date of December 31, 2022. 

Unfortunately, their well-deserved retirement comes with a price. If our team is unable to find a new location, WRC will face closure. In response to this dire community need, we have embarked on an ambitious capital campaign. In addition to monetary contributions that will fund the initiative, we are seeking a donation of a moderately sized piece of land with water, electric, and sewer. Outbuildings would be a plus, but can also be built.

What can you do to support WRC and ensure it has a future for years to come? Visit wildlife-rehab-center.org to donate funds, use your connections to secure a new facility, or simply spread the word! Our wildlife needs you!


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Ways you can help!


Make a donation towards the purchase of land

Any and all donations will help us with land purchase and building costs!

Have connections? 

Email us with suggestions!

Any connections or suggestions are welcome! Know someone selling property? Connections to a City Municipality? We want to know!


  • 10+ acres
  • Welcome & Education Center
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Ambassador Animal Experiences
  • Picnic Areas


  • Xray & Diagnostic Capabilities
  • Veterinary Internships
  • Youth Career Exploration
  • Disease Tracking & Control
  • Endangered/Threatened Species Rehab


  • Resource for Law Enforcement/Animal Control
  • Nuisance Animal Advice
  • Opportunity to Study Wildlife
  • Allows Community to Form Attachment with Nature

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Share our info

Spreading the word will help us find the right connections to make WRC have a future! Click below for more regarding our vision.

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WIldlife Assistance

We are still admitting animals up until our move out date of December 31, 2022, Please click below to be redirected to our Animal Assistance page.

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